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Wakejet Cruise is an Electric, Jet-Powered Wakeboard That Can Scoot Around at 28 MPH!

Water gadgets and simple technology built for the water seem to be at an all-time high right now. As a fan of all cool and fun things on the water, I for one am not complaining. The latest aquatic rideable if you will, comes in the form of an electric, jet-powered wakeboard that looks too […]

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At 16 Feet Above the Water, This Man Just Set the Record for the Furthest Distance Ever Flown on a Real Hoverboard!
Ports Experiencing Faster and Improved Shipping Control Thanks To igus Fiber Optic Cables
432 Park Avenue, Tallest Residential Building in Western Hemisphere, Near Completion
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Ecocapsule: A Portable, Wind & Solar Powered Micro-Home

People need air, water, a toilet, a shower, a place to sleep, a kitchen area, and an energy source. Ultra Portable On & Off Grid Living Nice Architects from Bratislava, Slovakia has been re-thinking living spaces with its new green, portable, low-energy home. The company plans to unveil a prototype at the Pioneers Festival in […]

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NetDragon Websoft’s Founder, Liu Dejian, Spent $97 Million Building a 260-Meter Long Star Trek-Like Office
Cow Poo-Powered Bus Hound Just Set a Land Speed Record in the UK With a 76.785 MPH Lap
NASA’s Futuristic Fuel Free ‘EmDrive’ Will Help Spacecraft Reach the Moon in Just FOUR Hours
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