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The Noah Oasis Project Transforms Existing Oil Rigs Into Multifunctional, Eco-Friendly Bio-Habitats

The Noah Oasis project, which won honorable mention at the eVolo Skyscraper Competition 2015, aims at dealing with the serious issues of environmental destruction and pollution control. A team of designers, based in China, has come up with a plan to transform offshore oil rigs into vertical bio-habitats that will help in cleaning oil spills […]

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Quicksilver’s True Wetsuit Allows You to Shred Waves While Looking Business Formal
The Cover Art for the Latest NYT Magazine is a 150-Foot Pedestrian No One Noticed
This Fuel-Free, Portable Solar Oven Cooks an Entire Meal in Just 10 Minutes!
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Artists Set Cameras in Forest to Capture Magical Images at Night in ‘Bioluminescent Forest’

To capture the beauty of forests, two artists, Friedrich van Schoor and Tarek Mawad, did not rely on painting nice pictures. Instead, they spent six weeks in the forest to painstakingly observe their surroundings before capturing its beauty. As dusk falls, dense darkness engulfs the forest, and nothing can be seen. But if you still see traces […]

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Burke’s Pulsar is the Name of the Army’s New Ray Gun, Attachable to a Standard-Issue M4
Shanty-Scraper: An Innovative Skyscraper
Clemson University’s Deep Orange 5 Concept Vehicle is Like a Nightclub on Wheels!
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