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AeroMobil Planning on Launching Its Highly-Anticipated Flying Car in 2017

We have been covering AeroMobil’s flying car on Industry Tap for quite some time now, and each version of the vehicle seems to get more impressive. Now, the company has announced it is planning to officially launch its flying car in 2017, not to mention plans for an automated flying car within the next 10 […]

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Shadowless Skyscrapers in London? New Design Proposes Buildings Act More Like Mirrors…
South Carolina Man’s Incredible Woodworking Videos Keep Going Viral!
Supersonic Car Takes Projectile Equal to a 2,000 MPH Cricket Ball During Ballistics Test
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Ann Arbor Michigan to Become Home to America’s First Driverless Vehicle Fleet

For some reason, the driverless vehicle reminds us of the headless horseman from Celtic, German and American folklore. Apparently when humans first began riding horses, grisly beheadings were common. One hopes driverless vehicles will fare better. But the headless horseman, arguably, was able to see better than normal people, swinging his head any which way […]

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RoboChop Will Create Chairs, Nightstands, & Other Furniture For You Out of a Wooden Block
Photonics Laser Technology Advancing at Light Speed
Ever Heard of an Amphibious Tank Sub ATV? Turns Out, It’s a Real Thing!
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