Ever Heard of an Amphibious Tank Sub ATV? Turns Out, It’s a Real Thing!

By: | March 16th, 2015

Hammacher Schlemmer is selling a $300,000 amphibious tank sub ATV! Yes, you heard both the price and description of the crazy vehicle correctly…

Honestly, the tank/sub or whatever you want to call it looks like something that came straight from the set of a James Bond movie.

But no, this thing is 100% real and is powered by a duo of 48-volt electric motors that can take the craft directly into the water or cruise around on land with its treaded tank-like tracks.

Unfortunately, the amphibious vehicle does have its limits when it comes to the water, as it is not capable of diving down beneath the surface like a submarine. However, once in the water, the 360-degree acrylic dome provides users with a great view of what is going on right under the surface.

The hybrid vehicle’s two banks of 24-volt lithium batteries allow it to be driven on land for approximately 8 hours on one charge, and an incredible 110 hours while on the water at speeds of up to six knots.

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