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Airbus Unveils Transparent Plane Of The Future For An Incredible In-Flight Experience

The planes of the future will probably have massage seats, feature attendants serving drinks and vitamins, and have panoramic windows providing some of the most amazing views on earth. Airbus recently unveiled its futuristic vision for flying in 2050. The company’s planes of the future will have seats capable of taking your body shape and collecting body heat in order to power in-cabin […]

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Artist Gets Creative with Recycled X-Rays as Stained-Glass Windows
Could You Live in This 86-Square-Foot Tiny Apartment in Paris?
Caterpillar, Inc.: The World’s Leading Industrial Bellwether
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‘Salt Water’ Powered Supercar Faster Than a McLaren P1, Given Approval For European Roads

Can a sports car be eco-friendly? Sports cars are typically described as ‘cool’  but generally aren’t known for being environmentally friendly. NanoFlowcell AG, a Lichtenstein-based company, is trying to change this perception with its ‘Salt Water’ Powered Supercar.   Quart e-SportsLimousine was designed to reach 0-60mph (100 km/h) in only 2.8 seconds – using nothing but saltwater At 5,070lbs […]

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Want to Disappear? You Might Be Able to Have Your Own Invisibility Cloak.
Relocating Landmark Buildings: 1,045 Ton Move, Among Heaviest in US History
Porsche’s $1 Million 918 Spyder Hybrid Is Selling Extremely Fast Thanks to Strong North American Demand
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