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DARPA Looking To Create Real-Life Rocket Resistant Halo “Bubble Shield”

DARPA, or The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is looking into developing a portable cylinder that can be deployed and blown up into an impenetrable wall in the heat of battle. For those of you familiar with the Halo video game series, chances are you have an idea of what DARPA is talking about since […]

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James Bond’s Highly Sought After Submarine Car Hits eBay for $1 Million
The Ghost Gunner Can Manufacture AR-15s in a Matter of Hours from Your Home
NASA’s Unmanned Antares Rocket Explodes Right After Launch, Loses 5,000 Pounds of Cargo
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Watch The Future Of Naval Warfare, “The Ghost”, Fly Through Water With Ease

Private company Juliet Marine Systems has developed an incredible new stealth vessel called “The Ghost”, a multipurpose ship capable of exhibiting “stealth fighter aircraft and attack helicopter technologies.” The Ghost was specifically designed to provide the ultimate defense against enemy boats, piracy, and explosives. Not only is the ship the ultimate defense vessel, it is […]

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The Iconic Porsche 911 Is Getting 4 New Designs & They All Look Incredible
Yacht-Shaped Four-Story Skyscraper May Be Coming to Tunisia
Bake Your Own Robot? MIT Researchers Working Toward Major Advancement In Robotics.
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