Watch The Future Of Naval Warfare, “The Ghost”, Fly Through Water With Ease

By: | October 28th, 2014

Private company Juliet Marine Systems has developed an incredible new stealth vessel called “The Ghost”, a multipurpose ship capable of exhibiting “stealth fighter aircraft and attack helicopter technologies.”

The Ghost was specifically designed to provide the ultimate defense against enemy boats, piracy, and explosives.

Not only is the ship the ultimate defense vessel, it is also extremely difficult to detect via sonar and is even harder to spot, let alone target by an enemy.

The Ghost features two underwater torpedo-like engines that propel the vessel smoothly through the water and also comes equipped with two movable underwater buoyant tubular foil hulls, a command module that rides above it.

The pilot of the ship has the luxury of moving the command module up and down in order to avoid big waves or choppy waters.

Currently, the Ghost is capable of holding 18 people max and can deploy Gatling guns, Griffin missiles, and rockets from its hull or from the craft’s skin.

At $10 million per unit, The Ghost does not come cheap, but the ship is extremely accurate as far as weapons are concerned because of the way it is able to glide across water with minimal movement and rocking.

The Pentagon is currently marketing this beast and look for the Navy to add it to their fleet some time in the near future.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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