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Watch This Daredevil Intentionally Venture Into The Mouth Of a Live Volcano!

The Vanuatu Archipelago off the coast of Australia is home to the Marum crater, an active volcano that most sane people would never venture into. However, two adrenaline junkies, documentarian George Kourounis and filmmaker Sam Cossman, decided it would be a grand idea to dive into the mouth of the live volcano and record the […]

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Why Mars One Colonists Will End Up Going Crazy
“Refracking” Redefining Scope and Size of Shale Oil and Gas Revolution
Space-Saving House Rotates Rooms with the Push of a Button
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Designers Build Eco-Friendly Portable Home from 2 Recycled Water Tanks

The designers at Stereotank, in New York City, have joined in on the growing tiny home trend, creating a traveling shelter from two recycled water tanks. The two 3,000-liter water tanks are bound together by a piece of wood. The home, called Taku-Tanku, features enough storage space to fit up to three people. Stereotank designers Marcelo […]

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Amazing Swiss Natural Bathing Pond Can Replace Harsh Chlorine Swimming Pools
Your Conversations Can Be “Visually Reconstructed” Using Everyday Objects Like Potato Chip Bags and Tin Foil
IBM Builds the Most Complex Human-Like Artificial Brain Yet
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