Watch This Daredevil Intentionally Venture Into The Mouth Of a Live Volcano!

By: | September 9th, 2014

The Vanuatu Archipelago off the coast of Australia is home to the Marum crater, an active volcano that most sane people would never venture into.

However, two adrenaline junkies, documentarian George Kourounis and filmmaker Sam Cossman, decided it would be a grand idea to dive into the mouth of the live volcano and record the whole experience.

What came out of it is nothing less than epic footage!

While Kourounis and Cossman were the ones who actually rappelled into the volcano, the duo needed help in doing so, which is where explorer and filmmaker Geoff Mackley and his team provided assistance.

Mackley and his team aided the explorers, outfitted in silver heat-proof suits, rappel more than a thousand feet into the crater where the lava can reach temperatures upwards of 1300℉!

Watch the mesmerizing footage below:

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