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Lane-Hovering Land Airbus Could Be Coming to China

There was a lot of hype when the concept of a ‘3D Fast Bus’ (also called a straddling bus, straddle bus or tunnel bus) was first introduced. The idea was to make a kind of giant bus or train that straddles the street and allows cars to drive right under it. It had all of […]

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2014 United States Diesel Sales Are Up 25%
New Magnet Implanted in the Skull Defeats Deafness
World’s Largest Offshore Wind Energy Area Now Available for Commercial Development
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Amazing Footage Takes You Inside the Flight of a Mig-29 Fighter Jet

Polish Air Force pilots from the 22nd Tactical Air Base in Malbork recently used a GoPro to film an awesome POV cockpit experience from their Mig-29 fighter jets. The video captures formation flying, aerobatics, mock aerial combat, and even test firing of an R-60 air-to-air missile! Check out the jaw-dropping footage of the Mig-29 Fulcrum […]

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Tesla’s Model E Renamed After Ford Sues
Can We Avoid a Robot Zombie Apocalypse?
Big Buyback For Caterpillar? Company Exceeds Earnings Expectations…
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