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Cut Your Morning Commute with a Solar-Powered Citycopter

The average person spends 61 hours a year stuck in traffic. That leads up to 56 billion pounds of carbon dioxide released into the air each year and $121 billion in gas spent while you sit idle in bumper-to-bumper traffic. What if you could zip from one side of town to the other without having […]

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Bizarre Contraption Gives You Privacy While Flying, Even in Coach
The $2,000 Electric Skateboard That Will Turn You into a Skater Dude
The World Air Games Will Blow You Away
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Tankchairs: US Veteran Invents Heavy Duty, Tank-Like Wheelchairs!

Drawing inspiration from his wife’s paralysis, US combat veteran Brad Soden has invented a new beast of a wheel chair, called a Tankchair. These puppies aren’t you’re traditional wheelchair, in fact they are more like a military tank equipped with heavy duty treads that allow the tankchairs to easily maneuver across all types of terrains, […]

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Pepsi’s Spire Soda Machine Can Pour Up More Than 1,000 Beverages
The Birth of Atomic Powered Aircraft and Their Future
Big Data Leads to New Models of Earth’s Wind, Weather and Ocean Patterns
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