The World Air Games Will Blow You Away

By: | June 5th, 2014

The Federation Aeronautique Internationale is the world’s “air sports” federation that sponsors the FAI World Aerobatic Championship, the premier and only official world multi-discipline air sport event.

This year the FAI World Advanced Aerobatic Championships will be held at the Dubnica Airport in Vahom, Slovakia, from August 7-16, 2014.

Throughout the year, FAI conducts over 30 competitions in all of the following categories at sites around the world:

  • aerobatics
  • areomodelling
  • amateur built and experimental aircraft
  • astronautics records
  • ballooning
  • general aviation
  • gliding
  • hang gliding and paragliding
  • microlight and para-motor
  • parachuting
  • rotorcraft

 Aircraft Competitions

One of the show’s most popular competitions includes fixed wing aerobatic planes. In the Error Navigation Race (ANR), planes fly at predetermined speeds along predetermined routes that have irregular shapes. These routes are generated using mapping software and are given to pilots 30 minutes before the competition. Crews lose points for flying outside corridors and for timing issues.

Other aircraft competition include precision flying, rally flying, air races and more.

Great, must see video from 26th FAI World Aerobatic Championship:

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