The $2,000 Electric Skateboard That Will Turn You into a Skater Dude

By: | June 7th, 2014

Electric skateboards seem like a relatively simple idea but just ask the folks at Boosted Boards how complex creating the product actually is. After several years of struggling with design issues, specifically with mounting a powerful electric motor to a piece of wood, Boosted Boards is ready to roll out its electric skateboard.


  • Twin brushless motors with dual carbon belts
  • 40-volt lithium ion phosphate battery
  • Bamboo deck
  • Hand-held remote controls speed
  • Capable of carrying upwards of 250 pounds
  • 20 mph top speed
  • Range of 6 miles
  • Can function as a traditional longboard

For $2,000, this motorized skateboard better be an absolute blast to ride on:

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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