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Are Brain Implants the Beginning of Super Humans?

Surgically implanted microchips in the brain can help the deaf hear and the blind see, the crippled walk and the Alzheimer’s patient remember things. But what else are we capable of with this kind of technology? We might see night vision, control of robots, enhancing your mood, focus, energy and simulated automatic learning all within […]

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Escape Adulthood with Your Own Tiny Tree Cube
Father of Drag Racing Hopes to Hit 200 MPH in This Electric Dragster
Withings’ Pulse O2 Adds Blood Oxygen Level Monitoring to Its Wearable Tech
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Prehistoric Plants Brought ‘Back to Life’

About 400 million years ago, early terrestrial vegetation had begun to spread. Trees and ferns hadn’t figured themselves out yet. The vegetation was quiet different from today. The plants did not have roots and many had no vascular tissue at all. They most likely spread by vegetative growth and were not very tall. UC Berkeley […]

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At-Home 3D Cosmetics Printer about to Makeover $80 Billion Beauty Market
High-Intensity Laser Will Redirect Lightning Strikes
Bill Gates Funds the Birth of Graphene Condoms
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