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Formula E Car Shatters Guinness World Record: Reaches 218km/h Indoors

Fast and furious, efficient yet sustainable, Formula E the GENBETA just set a new world record for the fastest speed ever achieved by a vehicle indoors. The world record-setting event occurred late at night on Tuesday, 25 July. Navigating a modified GENBETA car to an astounding top speed of 218.71km/h (135.9mph) inside the ExCeL London […]

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Scientists Detected Microplastics in Human Heart Tissues Pre and Post Surgery
Your Smartphone is Now Your Personal Thermometer
Spiral BCI Safely Integrates into Ear Canal with Zero Hearing Loss
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Researchers Develop Self-Sensing Artificial Muscle: Paving the Way for Future Robotics and Medicine

Researchers at Queen Mary University have created an artificial muscle that can sense and adjust its stiffness, imitating natural muscles. This breakthrough has major implications for soft robotics and medical uses, bringing us closer to integrating humans and machines. Researchers drew inspiration from nature to design an artificial muscle that emulates muscle contraction hardening found […]

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Ample and Mitsubishi Fuso Collaborate for Battery Swapping in Electric Trucks
Wearable Breakthrough Shocks Science: Powering DNA with Electricity
Light-Activated Biomaterial Holds Promise to Prevent Blindness and Transform Treatment for Corneal Diseases
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