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Lockheed Martin’s Game-Changing Laser Gun Achieves First Light

Laser-powered weapons are in high demand due to changing dynamics of modern warfare. Instead of looking to buy more sophisticated and expensive missiles, defense forces are now relying on cheap-to-build drones that can be used in large numbers. A laser-based weapon is an effective tool against weaponized drone swarms, missiles, and other airborne threats. With increased power, these […]

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Bladeless Jetoptera VTOL Aircraft Can Reach Up To 0.8 Mach
U.S. Start-Up Successfully Tests World’s First Ammonia-Powered Truck
This Robot Can Smell Odors like a Dog Using a Biological Sensor
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The U.S. Approves the Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Design, The First of Its Type to Win Regulatory Approval

To limit the impacts of climate change, the world must reduce its dependence on fossil fuels but renewable energy sources like wind and solar have limitations. Nuclear Energy can be the best alternative as it’s a zero-emission clean energy source, even though it’s controversial. But traditional nuclear power is beset with problems Conventionally, nuclear power […]

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World’s First Fully Compostable Footwear
NASA and DARPA Plans to Test Nuclear Thermal Engines for Crewed Missions to Mars
Researchers Use Ultrasound ‘Tornado’ To Break Brain Blood Clots
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