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Meta Needs an AI Supercomputer, and NVIDIA Offered to Build It

Meta, the re-branding of Facebook that signifies the dawn of a new age for the company, needs a powerful new AI research supercomputer to help it build better AI models for a range of purposes. These are text analyses in multiple languages, images, video, augmented reality, and all that’s needed to pave the way towards […]

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A U.S. Startup Smoked Tesla with Extremely Efficient EV Batteries
Scientists Developed Nano-Engineered Sealer for Long-Lasting Concrete
After restoring Sharp Eyesight In Sheep, Bionic Eye Tech Aims to Help Blind People See
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Toyota Has Created The World’s First Autonomously Drifting Car

Toyota may not have been the first carmaker to present an autonomously driven vehicle, but it just became the first in the world to create one that is drifting without a driver. The experiment involved a special version of the Supra, a model that was designed with drifting in mind, and praised for its lightweight […]

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This is What Caused SpaceX to Lose 40 Starlink Satellites
In a First, Woman Cured Of HIV Using Novel Stem Cell Treatment
Building Bridges with Recycled Wind Turbine Blades
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