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The British Are Soon to Build a 2MW Tidal Turbine Near the Orkney Islands

‘Orbital Marine Power’, an innovative Scottish engineering company, is preparing the world’s most powerful tidal turbine rated at 2MW, and is already in the process of commissioning it near the Orkney Islands in the North Sea. Named ‘Orbital O2 2MW’, the turbine is an absolute beast, able to absorb the kinetic energy of tides that […]

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US Intel Report Suggests Coronavirus Was Made In China
Seagrass Restoration Can Bring Coastal Bays Back To Life
New Gene Therapy Helps Blind Man To See Again
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US Army’s New Night Vision Goggle Will Make Them Super Soldiers

It’s hard to imagine the military without night vision technology to help armed forces see during low-light conditions. The first-night vision device was created in the 1930s by AEG, a German electrical equipment manufacturer. These night vision devices were used in Germany during World War II. But the night vision technology in present form will […]

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Revolutionary ‘Peel And Stick’ Solar Panel Generates 50% More Power
Futuristic Tri-Wing Jumbo Jet will Save 70% fuel
China Becomes The Second Country To Land Unmanned Spacecraft On Mars
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