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Coca-Cola Is Going To Launch Paper Bottles To Prevent Plastic Pollution

Coca-Cola is ranked the world’s number one plastic polluter by the charity ‘Break Free from Plastic’ in its annual survey. Now to reduce its carbon footprint, the company is introducing its first-ever paper bottles, that are environment-friendly and sustainable. Coca-Cola has also pledged to collect and recycle a bottle or can for every one it sells by 2030. Not […]

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BMW Is Now Sourcing its Aluminium From Green-Powered Suppliers
Europe’s Largest Vertical Farm Will Be Fully Automated and Autonomous
One Year After: How COVID-19 Changed the Face of Manufacturing
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3D Printing Bones Directly into the Human Body

A new 3D-printing technique could allow surgeons to 3D-print bone with living cells to repair damaged bone tissue. University of New South Wales scientists managed to 3D-print human bones from a person’s own living cells at room temperature. They created a fast-setting ceramic-based bio-ink gel that contains a patient’s live bone cells in a calcium […]

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The 8th Continent: Award Winning Design Concept To Clean Up Our Oceans
These Are the Most Exciting Space Missions to Look Forward to in 2021
Alphabet Decided to Bring the “Loon” Internet Project Back to the Ground
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