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This New Type of Glue Uses Magnetic Field to Bond in Just Five Minutes

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore have developed a new way of glue activated by magnetic fields. This innovation could lead to serious energy and cost savings for companies that need adhesives on an industrial scale. Conventional adhesives like epoxy are used to bond plastic, ceramics, and wood. These Conventional glues are typically designed to […]

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VW Develops Autonomous Robot that Charges EV Cars at Parking Lots
The First 3D-Printed Villa in the Middle East Is Now a Reality
From January 1st 2021 a law cancels FM radio from Android smartphones
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Japan Developing Wooden Satellites to Cut Down on Space Trash

Did you know that even the tiniest piece of space debris orbiting at speed can pose a major threat? They can damage the ISS (International Space Station) and active satellites. Due to the continuous launch of rockets and satellites, Low Earth orbit is becoming increasingly cluttered. So, Sumitomo Forestry, a Japanese startup is teaming up […]

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World’s Largest Portable Solar Farm Commissioned in Australia
Former Head of Israeli Space Agency Says Aliens Are Already Here
Audi and BMW Leave ‘Formula E’ Saying There’s Nothing Left to Learn
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