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Natural History Museum Will Flow Like A River In Shenzhen

Following an international architecture competition, a trio of firms including 3XN, B+H, and Zhubo Design has been selected. These firms were selected to co-design the Natural History Museum in Shenzhen, China. The competition attracted more than 70 proposals from around the world. 2020 Pritzker Prize laureate Yvonne Farrell, who served as a competition jury member, […]

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Elon Musk Is ‘Highly Confident’ Spacex Will Land Humans On Mars In Coming Six Years
Earthworm-Inspired Robots ‘Swim’ In Soil to Collect Crop Data
3D-Printed Life-Size Model Heart Has the Same Texture as the Real One
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ESA Signs €86 Million Contract with ClearSpace to Clean Up Space Debris

The amount of trash in Earth orbit is growing. Since the launch of the first Satellite in 1957, rocket parts, broken satellites, and micrometeoroids are added as space junk. These man-made objects from dead satellites to errant nuts and bolts are zipping around Earth. These are putting our working satellites at risk. Scientists are working […]

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The First Reactor of the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant Is Heating Up Close to Nominal Power
Physicists Built an ‘Anti-Laser’ To Usher in New Era of Long-Distance Power Transmission
China’s New Submersible Reaches Earth’s Deepest Ocean Trench with 3 Men on Board
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