Natural History Museum Will Flow Like A River In Shenzhen

By: | November 29th, 2020

Image courtesy: 3XN

Following an international architecture competition, a trio of firms including 3XN, B+H, and Zhubo Design has been selected. These firms were selected to co-design the Natural History Museum in Shenzhen, China. The competition attracted more than 70 proposals from around the world.

2020 Pritzker Prize laureate Yvonne Farrell, who served as a competition jury member, said, “This building captures the unique atmosphere of a riverfront site and finds the timeless property of water as a concept. The connection between function, site, concept, structure, material and space is very clear,”

Situated on the Pearl River, it will be one of Shenzhen’s ‘ten cultural facilities of the new era’ and the first large-scale comprehensive natural museum in southern china.

According to the team, the new museum will be “dedicated to interpreting the laws of natural evolution, showing the geographies of Shenzhen and its ecology on a global perspective, and actively advocating science.”

Image courtesy: 3XN

This beautiful structure is called ‘Delta’. It is designed to rise seamlessly from the river. Its accessible green rooftop is going to mesmerize visitors with a natural setting.

Not only the roof but the museum will also have different views at every turn overlooking the surrounding park, hills, and lake from the winding terraces.

The walkways from the roof will lead visitors down into a large passage that looks like a cave. There are several cafes and public areas.

The remaining interior area is an exhibition-dedicated space. Wide-range of specimens of animals, plants, minerals, and fossils will be displayed over 365,000 square feet of space.

Image courtesy: 3XN

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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