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Oil, Coal and Natural Gas are Powerless Compared to Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy isn’t a new concept. The first geothermal plant was built in 1904 in Larderello, Italy; it is a “steam field” that continues to produce energy today. Generations have tapped into geothermal energy on a smaller scale. Spend some time in Japan and you’ll see how Japanese have incorporated hot springs, a byproduct of […]

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Aircraft Get ‘Intelligent’ Solution to Frozen Fuel Lines
Is Tidal Power the Wave of the Future or a Wipeout?
Costa Concordia Righted in Biggest Salvage Operation of Its Kind
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Glowing Plants Could Replace Your Lightbulbs

Trees could light up your street. Flowers could illuminate your garden. It sounds like something from the movie Avatar but the Glowing Plant Project is working to make glowing trees and flowers a reality. New Frontier: Synthetic Biology If fireflies can do it, so can plants; so says Anthony Evans of the Glowing Plants Project. […]

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Kuwait to Harness 2,000 MW of Renewable Energy with New Project
Fusion Reactions Captured On Camera, 1 Billion Frames Per Second!
Surrealism Movement’s Delightfully Disturbing Influence on Architecture
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