New Temperature Sensors Increase Fire Safety

By: | May 17th, 2021

Image by LoggaWiggler from Pixabay

The latest temperature monitoring products enhance fire safety and prevention across the globe. Over the past several years, companies have been researching and developing tools and methods to help prevent and fight against life-threatening fires. Various projects from across all sectors have resulted in creating different types of fire survival products for commercial and industrial use. With rigorous testing, they have designed tools like temperature measurement gauges, sensors, other instrumentation, and calibration devices that have been proven to withstand the intense heat of an internal or external fire. They are part of the path to preventing industrial fires, which can be major causes of loss of life or severe environmental damage if they get out of hand.

In some cases, fires are unavoidable due to random conditions out of our control, but many are due to human error or bad materials. Many incident reports after the fact suggest that more than half of industrial fires are caused by neglect to safely manage materials in controlled situations. Many companies opt to cut corners to save costs, but they just end up jeopardizing safety by not meeting regulatory fire protection codes. Investing in proper technology and expert knowledge to prevent disasters is something that every industrial workplace should be regulated to do.

A case study from an area prone to bushfires in New South Wales demonstrated the effectiveness of these new products in fire prevention. A simple network of thermocouples and gauges was designed to monitor the temperature around a piece of property belonging to a hotel owner looking to increase safety measures due to bushfires. When the temperature rose above a predetermined point, it would activate the sprinkler systems to extinguish the flames and they would only stop spraying once the temperature decreased back to below the determined temperature point. This system can now be implemented in homes, schools, or other places where there is a need for them. These systems are generally made up of the use of various technologies and industrial inventions like temperature gauges, digital thermometers, or fire-resistant pyro cables.

The newest range of digital thermometers and temperature gauges are part of the latest technological advancements that make the products even safer to use, with features like alarm components and data logging via smartphone apps. They are able to detect certain temperatures and alert an engineer or fire safety professional so they can act quickly.

Along with the line of Temperature Gauges by Pyrosales there is the MICC Fire Resistant Pyro Cable that has been specifically manufactured and designed to withstand the extreme heat of a fire and its smoke for approximately three hours. This provides sufficient time for safe fire evacuation, totaling an average of 25 minutes per floor. The copper-clad pyro cable is able to maintain critical power circuits during emergency situations.

If you’re looking to ensure employee safety in an industrial workplace or your home setting, find a company that has a reputable position internationally when it comes to fire safety prevention measures. Find the leaders in specialist design systems and networks and also ones that manufacture and repair materials involving extreme heat conditions. These professionals will ensure you can provide the best possible protection for your family, employees, and the environment.


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