Why Desktop Alerts for Your Company?

By: | January 30th, 2024

No matter what type of company you have or your industry, internal communication in the business is crucial to its success. It helps create a cohesive team where every employee understands what they need to do, the business goals, and where they can find crucial information.

Unfortunately, most companies have yet to invest in a long-term internal communication strategy, let alone communication software, according to a study by Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. When businesses cannot communicate effectively with their people, it can lead to reduced productivity, disengaged employees, decreased profits, and an inability to retain talented staff members. Fortunately, all is not lost, as there are many ways that your company can change its internal communication issues around. For starters, developing a strategy and investing in the right desktop alerts software can help ensure your staff stays informed at all times.

 What Is Desktop Alert Software?

Desktop alert software, popularly known as internal communications software, is a means of communication with your people using digital technology. While they come in varying forms, they generally offer a dedicated means of communicating internally within a company, outside of traditional communication channels such as intranet pages, calls, and emails. The best internal communication programs make it possible for employees to initiate conversations with their supervisors and colleagues via a chat function. This is crucial as email fatigue has become a major problem for internal communication in a company, as many are today hesitant to send urgent messages via the normal email system.

Truth be told, there are too many emails that go unread, as personnel view them as ‘corporate spam.’ In the same breadth, internal communications software with a built-in chat function can see chat flooding where personnel contribute tons of irrelevant information. In some cases, this can cause some people to tune out, with some even missing out on important information.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, internal communications systems are developed to exclude two-way communication. Such systems lack a chat function, are non-invasive, and can grab the employee’s attention immediately.

These internal communications systems are designed for managers to pass along important information quickly – including urgent notifications about developing situations – thus ensuring that all employees can learn about everything that’s happening.

They ensure you can reach all your people across a range of channels, including pop-ups and push notifications. And the best part is that they can be used on any Mac or Windows device!


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