7 Ways Big Manufacturing Businesses Create Brand Awareness

By: | October 15th, 2022

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Big manufacturing businesses have become adept at innovating their manufacturing methods to help improve productivity levels. However, they need to work hard to ensure that clients can see the quality of their products to help secure future sales. A manufacturing company can achieve this by clarifying its branding and improving brand awareness across the business. The techniques and tools they use can be used by smaller businesses to get a similar level of brand awareness for their manufacturing business, too.

These seven brand strategies can help any size of business grow its customer base and increase awareness of its brand both locally and nationally. If it works for some of the country’s biggest corporations, it can work for your business, too.

With Branded Uniforms

One of the most effective ways to create brand awareness is with branded uniforms for staff members. They become walking billboards advertising your business on the way to work and back home again. The presence of uniforms in a manufacturing setting can help show which department a staff member belongs too, and show your customers how professional your organization is, which could help bring in more customers.

You may decide to host an event to show off some of the products you manufacture, such as at a network event. Businesses of any size can take advantage of this powerful marketing tool. Bolt Printing offers cheap t-shirt printing without compromising on quality. With their help, even a small manufacturing business can create the same level of brand awareness as a multinational manufacturing corporation.

Back at the factory, uniforms have many benefits, including improving staff morale and productivity. This simple addition to your business can have a bigger impact on customer satisfaction and profits than many people realize.

By Using Social Media

The biggest advancement in marketing since the internet itself was the birth of social media. It allows consumers to have direct contact with a business and exchange information and experiences with one another without ever meeting in-person. For a manufacturing business, it allows clients to see exactly what goes on in the factory.

When big manufacturing businesses harness the power of social media, they can drive online traffic to their sites and secure future sales with businesses. Making a viral post can send sales of a product skyrocketing or help put the brand in the minds of millions of consumers. For manufacturing businesses, it allows clients to see the quality of the pieces that are produced. The level of advertising that used to cost millions of dollars across print media, radio, and television can now be achieved with a tweet.

By Collaborating With Influencers

Building on the power of social media are influencers who generate huge followings and review products and promote services. They have become some of the most trusted brand advocates in the digital space, and their recommendations can make or break a brand.

Big businesses spend a lot of time researching influencers to find the perfect candidate to spread brand awareness. Social media has a number of different spheres that influencers work in, and choosing one to match your brand and products is key. For manufacturing businesses, they may decide to work with famous builders or even actors.

Just like businesses, there are big and small influencers. Smaller manufacturing companies can collaborate with smaller influencers and grow with them into bigger players in the digital marketplace, which can secure large contracts with major companies.

Look for local influencers who can help spread the word about your business within your community and reach customers that are not normally exposed to your brand. This can help your manufacturing business reach more local businesses.

From Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising

This type of marketing is a tried-and-tested method for generating online traffic and increasing brand awareness through web and social media searches. Services like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads can be incredibly effective for both national brands and smaller local manufacturers.

When consumers search online for using keywords and phrases related to your business, ads for your company can appear at the top of their results. These ads can take advantage of geolocation information, targeting local clients for local businesses. This can make these pay-per-click services incredibly cost-effective for small manufacturers.

Facebook Ads allows for highly targeted marketing, allowing you to choose specific demographics or criteria to make sure your ads reach the right consumers. You can even use this feature to target alternate advertisements to different types of clients. If your manufacturing business specializes in a certain industry, then you can work hard to help ensure you reach the right businesses.

Pay-per-click advertising puts your brand on the screens of clients, helping them form an image of your company in their minds.

By Turning Customers Into Advocates

Referral programs that benefit existing clients can be incredibly effective. Businesses will be happy to continue working with your manufacturing business if they can gain something from it, such as a discount.

These types of offers may give a customer 20% off their first order and give them discounts at certain points throughout their deal with you. For example, you could offer bulk deals for manufactured goods, to help secure more sales now at a slight discount.

You can offer these types of offers to existing clients, as well as new ones. Consider the different types of offers you can do and mix them up.

By Hosting Events

Promoting an event promotes your brand and increases awareness of your products. Big manufacturing businesses use this to promote their goods across the nation.

You can host an event on your own or get other local manufacturers involved to create a larger affair to gain the attention of local media, providing your brand with some free airtime on TV sets and radios in your neighborhood. The bigger the event, the bigger the audience; this increases the level of exposure of your brand.

Working with other manufacturers lets you share each other’s clients and create new opportunities for further cross-promotions. By promoting the area as a whole, rather than just your industry, you will increase the number of clients interested in the event, spreading brand awareness to more people. You can invite local businesses to your factory to see how goods are manufactured, for example.

By Being Consistent

Consistency is important in many aspects of a business. Consistent customer service keeps clients coming back, and a consistent brand image helps increase brand awareness.

Whenever your brand is being used, you need to present it consistently. You risk confusing consumers if your branding appears in different colors or contexts or if changing the scale distorts the design. Your company’s name and logo are a huge part of your brand identity, you cannot afford for them to be misrepresented.

Before you print any promotional materials or merchandising, or sign off on any signage, pay close attention to how your brand’s image is presented and check to make sure it is consistent with your existing branding. Manufacturers need to have high-quality clear branding across their created products especially.

Consumers identify your business through your brand. The more awareness of your brand that you create, the more clients there are that can identify you from the competition and choose to make their purchases with you instead.

Brand awareness is critical to increasing market share and stealing customers away from your competitors. Utilize these methods to turn your small business into a market leader.


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