J-deite Is a Real Life Humanoid Transformer Capable of Walking, Running, & Driving

By: | November 4th, 2014

The future is now! Brave Robotics, Asratec Corp. and original Transformer creator Tomy Co. Ltd., worked together in order to create J-deite, a humanoid robot capable of transforming into a car like you see in the Tranformer films.

J-deite stands roughly 5-feet tall, weighs 77 pounds, and transforms into a 3-foot-long sports car.

The humanoid transformer is an autobot, has a face that resembles Optimus Prime, and while the robot looks like a toy, it is anything but.

J-deite can walk at .6 mph, move its hands, arms, and fingers, and also run on a proprietary software system developed by Ishido’s partner Wataru Yoshizaki of Asratec Corp called V-Sido.

The robot can drive up to 6 mph with approximately 1.5-inches of road clearance and lasts 1 hour on a single charge.

The long-term goal is to create a full-sized J-deite Transformer capable of transforming into a 5 m long car by 2020.

Ishiba says, “The goal of Project J-deite is building of a giant transformable robot of 5 m long. It is the same size as a car. An object of the same size transforms, walks, and runs.”

Marshall Smith

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