“Time Jump”: scientists make skin cells younger by 30 years

By: | April 14th, 2022

Image by Pixabay

The physical changes that come with aging are part of a natural process. With age, the skin thins and becomes less elastic…there is a decline in the ability of skin cells to regenerate.

Now, scientists have successfully reversed the aging process

Scientists at the UK’s Babraham Institute have developed a method to reverse the aging in human skin cells or ‘Time Jump’ by three decades. Scientists managed to partly restore the function of older cells, making them biologically younger but functioning like young cells too.

In the experiments, the partially rejuvenated cells showed characteristics of youthful cells by retaining some of their specialized functions.

The findings have very exciting implications

While the research is still in the early stages, experts suggest that these findings could eventually revolutionize regenerative medicine. This could lead to the identification of genes that rejuvenate without reprogramming and also targeting those to reduce the effects of aging.

Dr. Diljeet Gill, a postdoctoral researcher in Wolf Reik’s lab at the Institute who conducted the work as a Ph.D. student said “Our results represent a big step forward in our understanding of cell reprogramming.”

“We have proved that cells can be rejuvenated without losing their function and that rejuvenation looks to restore some function to old cells.”

“The fact that we also saw a reverse of aging indicators in genes associated with diseases is particularly promising for the future of this work.”

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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