High-Tech Bathroom Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

By: | November 26th, 2019

You probably think of your bathroom as a simple place. A shower, perhaps a tub, some storage for towels and toiletries, the toilet itself. Perhaps a vanity? We don’t need to over-complicate things here.

But you could be missing out! Technology has come a long way since the concept of the bathroom was first laid out. Today, there are handy high-tech gadgets that can make your bathroom experience just that little bit more special. It’s nearly the holiday season, so maybe you should consider gifting one of these to a friend. Or yourself.

Chromatherapy Shower

Let’s start off with a splash. Both from a pricing and a tech standpoint, the chromotherapy shower is kind of a big deal. It will project colored light into your shower while you bathe, helping you relax and unwind or charge up for a productive day. Pair this tool with a shower speaker, and it could really reinvent your morning routine.

Smart Mirrors

Don’t ask it who the fairest of them all is — or perhaps you should? Controlled using voice commands, these high-tech mirrors feature automatic heating and dimming and can even give you beauty advice. We know, guys, you can’t wait to get one.

High-Tech Toilet Stalls

While most of us are still using the same toilet technology we grew up with, the industry has taken several steps forward. Modern toilets feature heated seats, Bluetooth speakers and a host of new “sanitary” features that will have you feeling comfy and cleaner than ever. It’s the perfect example of a luxury you didn’t even know you needed — until you did.

A Shower Speaker

Since we mentioned it earlier, this list should probably include a wall-mounted shower speaker. Made with waterproof technology, these little sound systems can really help improve your shower experience. Listen to your favorite podcast or kick out the jams while preparing for a night on the town. It’ll be a wonderful addition and a great gift for your friends.

Hands-Free Faucets

Just like the ones at the nearest airport, only these ones work. Installing hands-free faucets will save you lots of time polishing the finish on your vanity, and it’ll also help to conserve water. Customize settings for hot and cold, and even set the amount of water to be used if the faucet detects a toothbrush. Pretty clever!

Robot Mop

Imagine if Roomba made a waterproof unit able to clean up after that nice long shower that left water all over the floor. That’s pretty much exactly what a robot mop can do. They’re not cheap, but you decide a reasonable price for never ever having to mop your bathroom floor again. Plus, thanks to your new robot friend, your bathroom will stay very clean all the time.

Voice Control

As the number of connected devices in our homes continues to go up, expect your entire bathroom to be connected in the near future. You’ll be able to turn things on and off, set timers and request changes to temperature, color and sound using the power of your voice. It’s truly the one situation in which controlling things from your phone might have been a little, eh, slippery.

Perhaps you’ve been to a resort or modern home recently and experienced the luxury these items deliver. They truly can elevate your bathroom experience and make you feel extra-special. So don’t cheat yourself this holiday season — treat yourself and your partner to an upgraded bathing experience. After all, it’s not often that you get the chance to really improve the quality of the little things you never think of in life.

About the Author: Scott Huntington is a writer from Harrisburg, PA who covers all things tech and automotive. Check out his site offthethrottle.com or find him on Twitter @SMHuntington.


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