High-efficiency Gas Boilers: Better for the Environment and Your Wallet

By: | December 11th, 2023

Climate change and rising fuel prices have made the energy efficiency of boilers an increasingly important global issue over the past decade. As a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced high efficiency gas boilers, Energy Kinetics has been spearheading innovations in heat and hot water technology that provide superior energy savings and reduce environmental impact while using familiar burners, pumps, controls, parts, and easily accessible support so technicians and installers can be comfortable working with the company’s boilers.

History of Gas Boiler Innovation

Energy Kinetics has been at the forefront of practical, effective heat and hot water technology innovation for over 44 years using familiar controls, pumps, burners and parts and providing technical support that helps technicians and installers quickly become comfortable working with Energy Kinetics’ products. “If innovation is performed properly, it should be as simple as possible and help make the world a better place,” stated Roger Marran, President of Energy Kinetics. The company offers a range of reliable boiler models manufactured with U.S.-made components and designed to make homes more comfortable while reducing emissions and cutting fuel costs. In fact, a U.S. Department of Energy lab study shows that Energy Kinetics’ gas boilers are the most efficient on the market. Energy Kinetics’ high-efficiency gas boiler technology is proven to help homeowners significantly reduce their energy bills by up to 43% more than people whose homes are heated with other boilers. Plus, Energy Kinetics’ pragmatic innovations make its boilers easy to adapt to system upgrades over time. By providing state-of-the-art technology, energy efficiency, and an unmatched lifetime limited warranty, Energy Kinetics’ gas boilers have earned a reputation as the clear choice for homeowners looking for an efficient and reliable heating solution that reduces their energy costs and lowers their environmental impact.

Practical and Effective Gas Boiler Innovations

Energy Kinetics’ steel, electronic ignition gas boilers are designed to be a straightforward and efficient replacement for cast iron pilot light-type boilers and high AFUE-rated modulating condensing boilers. They come with a lifetime limited warranty and are easy to install in homes with baseboard heat, radiant in-floor heat, cast-iron radiators, air handlers and air systems, and more – unlike condensing boilers, which require complex piping and additional heat pumps. Boilers that use older technology finish hot each cycle, reducing their annual efficiency by 15-40% below their heat-only AFUE ratings and wasting energy year-round.1 However, Energy Kinetics gas boilers minimize waste heat (known as “idle loss”) and offer high-efficiency heating through their use of thermal purge technology (referred to as “post purge” or “hybrid energy recovery”). By anticipating the end of heat and hot water calls and using the heat energy left in the boiler to heat the home’s living spaces or hot water tank, Energy Kinetics’ boilers finish cold, wasting virtually no energy. This helps reduce energy costs every cycle. 

Energy Kinetics is currently at the forefront of using higher biofuel blends to achieve substantial energy savings and lowered emissions. Since Energy Kinetics boilers waste virtually no heat, using a field blend in an Energy Kinetics boiler reduces emissions as a result of cleaner fuels and lower fuel consumption. Several states, including New York, currently mandate fuel blend levels and the use of renewable liquid heating fuel blends in cold climates is continuing to grow. The NORA rebate study shows that the best system upgrades provide average energy savings of 25%, and when combined with just a B20 blend (20% biofuel and 80% No. 2 fuel oil), CO2 emissions reductions of 35% are achieved without sacrificing comfort. These savings, much more significant than those of grid-based electrification in the Northeast, are made possible through advanced technologies, such as those developed by Energy Kinetics, biofuel producers, and burner manufacturers.

The company’s existing boiler models can be easily converted between biofuels with a simple burner change. In fact, Energy Kinetics’ technology is ahead of even UL standards. To further reduce energy consumption and move towards a greener future, Energy Kinetics will complete certification for use of its boilers with B100 fuel, which is approximately 85% renewable, once UL726 is updated in the coming months. In the meantime, the innovative boiler manufacturer has extensively tested its boilers with 50% and 100% biofuel blends to achieve incredibly clean burning and reliable operation. 

Eco-friendly, High-efficiency Gas Boilers

One of the things that sets Energy Kinetics apart is the company’s foresight in developing new technology that is easily adaptable to future needs and doesn’t complicate boiler maintenance and service processes. Over four decades ago, Energy Kinetics incorporated a burner, refractory chamber, and spiral boiler into its flagship product, the System 2000. System 2000 is an exceptional burning environment for B0 to B100 biofuel operations for Beckett and Carlin burners. The same applies to the chimney-vented Ascent Combi and even Energy Kinetics’ 90 AFUE non-condensing boiler models, including the Ascent Plus Combi and Resolute boilers, which are side-wall vented in polypropylene with a high-temperature stainless steel chamber, eliminating the need for a chimney. Boilers certified for use with B100 can also run any fuel blend from B0 (0% blend No. 2 fuel oil) up to B100 without any modifications. A simple burner change is all that’s required to convert these boilers between gas and oil or renewable liquid heating fuels, making them versatile for adaptation to future changes in fuel and energy prices. Simple, easy-to-read displays with onboard diagnostics make boiler installation and support very straightforward; heating professionals familiar with gas and oil heat need very little additional training to service an Energy Kinetics boiler.  

Seamless Gas Boiler Optimization

Energy Kinetics’ gas boilers equipped with Energy Manager control can be seamlessly integrated with central heat pumps to operate at near-peak efficiency from the coldest winter conditions through hot water-only use in summer months. Homeowners can easily optimize their Energy Kinetics boilers on a daily or seasonal basis to lessen environmental impact and improve energy efficiency based on factors such as carbon emissions, electricity prices, power plant efficiency, and fuel costs.

Reliable Gas Boiler Performance and Consistent Comfort

Energy Kinetics’ innovative products have set the benchmark for energy efficiency in gas boiler design. With technological advancements, homeowners can enjoy reliable boiler performance and consistent comfort for years. Switching to an Energy Kinetics high-efficiency gas boiler is an investment that will pay off in energy savings and peace of mind. By minimizing wasted heat, eliminating the need for chimneys, and providing easy-to-adjust optimization options on their gas boilers, Energy Kinetics gas boilers have earned a reputation as a top choice of people looking to reduce their energy bills and make their homes more comfortable while also reducing their carbon footprint. 



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