Getting Into a Bathtub Consisting of 500 Pounds of Liquid Glass Putty Looks Awful

By: | January 29th, 2016

Vat19 sells a product they like to call liquid glass putty, also commonly referred to as crystal clear putty.

It’s a neat product that I’m sure can provide endless hours of fun, but a recent experiment with the putty the company enacted looks like the opposite of fun.

Somehow, a random dude was selected or volunteered to get into a bathtub filled with 500 pounds of the liquid glass putty, and as you would probably guess, it’s not near as comforting as hot water.

Getting into the tub was enough of a challenge, as the liquid glass putty proved to be almost like a thick, viscous glue.

Vat19 also discovered that getting out of the tub would prove to be something like torture for anyone with a morsel of hair on his or her body.

In this case, the guy in the video finds out the hard way that copious amounts of liquid glass putty is not to be messed with, let alone worth sinking your body into.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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