Flyability Awarded $1 Million for Durable Carbon Fiber Disaster Response Drone, GimBall

By: | February 12th, 2015

Swiss startup Flyability recently won $1 million in a drone competition sponsored by the UAE, thanks to GimBall, the company’s unique disaster response drone.

GimBall was specifically designed to be able to maneuver in and around disaster areas, featuring a flexible carbon fiber cage, a round shape for bouncing and rolling, and flying components to take to the skies.

The spherical cage not only helps GimBall get from place to place, it also acts as an extra shell of protection for victims who could possibly be injured by the blades if designed like normal search and rescue drones.

With the prize money, Flyability plans on expanding the development and capabilities of Gimball, adding features such as:

  • Onboard infrared imaging
  • Dedicated interface for search and rescue responders
  • Ability to assess damaged structures
  • Ability to find chemical leaks
  • Ability to complete dangerous building inspections

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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