Ever Wondered How Formula E Cars Work? Here’s an In-Depth Explanation

By: | February 24th, 2016

For those of us new to Formula E, understanding the vehicles on a basic level is important when it comes to getting interested in the sport.

During last weekend’s race in Buenos Aires, a short and simple explainer video aired explaining how Formula E cars work, which was very well received.

As a result, the video has now found its way to YouTube and provides an awesome point of reference for new Formula E fans looking to obtain a little more information about the battery, inverter, motor, and transmission for Formula E cars.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Formula E this year is the added element of teams being able to innovate within their vehicle.

Instead of everyone racing in the exact same car, different teams are testing unique parts with their car’s battery in order to get that little competitive edge.

Even if you’ve never watched Formula E, the video below is an excellent watch:

Marshall Smith

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