The Energy Internet: Power Clouds

By: | November 18th, 2014

Feeding The Global Energy Grid With Clean Energy

Hooking up alternative energy resources, especially photovoltaic systems, to the global energy grid is becoming easier, even if you are a homeowner with a small installation or a 500 megawatt solar farm with 300,000 mirrors. Solar energy is essentially an equal opportunity employer, allowing anyone anywhere in the world to generate electricity and distribute it, thanks to the new energy internet.

New Business Models For Distributing & Profiting From Alternative Energy

The world over, individuals and businesses, small and large, are developing models for building and maintaining alternative energy projects.

A new organization called Power Clouds, started by Dr. Robert Forlani and based in Singapore, is seeking to become a major player in the global electric grid by making it easy for anyone to own and benefit from an investment in solar energy.

The society creates, develops, lends money, manages projects, operates long-term leases and provides maintenance. Forlani’s organization helps identify locations throughout the world with the best conditions, both technically and economically, for building new solar plants.

Power Clouds gets involved in planning, design and coordinates designers, engineers, and manufacturers as well as partners to finance projects.

Already thousands of individuals and companies from 100 different countries are using Power Clouds to move their solar energy projects forward and participate in the new clean energy revolution.

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