BMW’s New 5 Series Sedan: A Game-Changer for Lazy Drivers with Lane Change Assistance Based on Gaze Tracking

By: | June 2nd, 2023

Image by BMW

If you prefer a relaxed approach to driving, prioritizing a laid-back attitude and avoiding unnecessary exertion or rushing, BMW’s latest car is tailored to suit your needs perfectly.

World’s first “Active Lane Change Assistant” with eye confirmation is an innovative technology introduced by BMW.

The German luxury automaker said that with its new BMW 5-series sedan, drivers will be able to change lanes on the highway just by looking in the exterior mirror to confirm the lane change.

The car, priced at £49,850 and above, is equipped with steering wheel-mounted cameras that constantly track the driver’s gaze and eye movements. This advanced feature is set to become available starting from October 2023.

Driver confirmation for lane changes

When the car’s automated driving system indicates the need for a lane change, such as when there is a slower vehicle ahead, the driver can confirm it by looking at the wing mirror. Once the driver’s confirmation is registered, the vehicle will autonomously execute the required steering actions and carry out the lane change.

The camera also monitors the driver’s attention on the road.

If the driver appears distracted or incapacitated, warnings will be displayed inside the car. In such cases, the vehicle may slow down and come to a stop, activating hazard lights for safety.

The driver can initiate a lane change by tapping the turn signal stalk in the desired direction, even if the car hasn’t suggested it.

Sensor technology for detecting free space and approaching vehicles.

To execute the lane change, the system requires sensors to verify sufficient space in the adjacent lane and ensure no fast-approaching vehicles are present. However, this functionality can work at speeds up to 85 miles per hour.

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