$20 Gadget Allows Hackers to Control Your Car

By: | February 14th, 2014

Hackers thrive on accessing everything from your computer’s data to your credit card information. As if feeling as your personal details can be stolen at any time wasn’t enough, now hackers are taking on a new challenge: controlling your car.

With a gadget smaller than your mobile phone, your car can come pretty close to being the equivalent of a remote-controlled vehicle at the hands of a hacker. All this thanks to the Control Area Network; CAN hacking tool (CHT).

CHT is easily fitted into a vehicle and this only takes a few minutes. When properly installed, CHT runs a suspicious code through the car system and this can allow the hackers to gain full control over the important parts of your vehicle. With this new hacking tool, it seems vehicle drivers are now in danger of facing one of technology’s worst nightmares. You can only imagine watching your vehicle drive itself away from you.

To make matters even worse, this technology is more than affordable. For about $20, anyone can have a CHT in the palm of their hand.

This comes after engineers at Toyota managed to jailbreak a Prius remotely, controlling the speedometer, tightening the seatbelt, blasting the horn and even turning the lights on and off. If this is the future of hacking, drivers will have to be vigilant not just about their home networks, computers and mobile phones, but apparently, even the vehicles they drive.

Michael Cooney

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