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Facebook Drones Expected To Fly For Months or Years & Be The Size of a 747

Facebook announced its plans to deploy internet drones capable of beaming wireless internet access to unconnected parts of the world a few months ago but few details beyond that were released. Now, one of the leaders of the project has announced some interesting stuff regarding the solar-powered, laser-equipped drones that has the internet buzzing. Engineering […]
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Harvard Granted DARPA Funding for Its Wearable Robot, a “Soft Exosuit”
A 3D Printed Paper Plane Gun? This Guy Just Created What You Never Knew You Wanted!
This Velociraptor Robot Is Faster Than Usain Bolt!
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This Couple Built The World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle… Hit 241.901 MPH!

A couple from Denver, Colorado, Bill Dube and Eva Hakansson, worked for the past 5 years in order build the fastest electric motorcycle the world has ever seen. At the end of August, the couple’s dream became a reality, with their motorcycle called the KillaJoule shattering the electric motorcycle land speed record by an incredible […]
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Motorcycles Going Green? Check Out This Tron-Like Electric Bike…
Japan’s New 311 MPH Maglev Train Successfully Completes First Public Test
Meet the King Kong of Gears at 73.5 Tons and 43 Feet High
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