Meet the King Kong of Gears at 73.5 Tons and 43 Feet High

By: | October 8th, 2014

At the heart of any industrial or manufacturing process are gears. The larger the project, for example, the Three Gorges Dam, the larger the gears need to be.

Underlying modern day gears is over a century of engineering advancement and innovation, all based on the close cooperation of gear manufacturers and their customers, resulting in advanced developments in design, engineering, and machining with unprecedented performance, precision and reliability.

One of the current “largest gears in the world” is a 43 foot (13.2 m), 73.5 ton gear designed and manufactured by Hoffmann Engineering of Australia and delivered to an undisclosed Chinese copper mine for use in a grinding mill. The gear is driven by two 9 ton pinions and transmits 17,000 kW.

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