World’s Largest Wind Farm Proposes Expansion To 57 Square Miles

By: | September 5th, 2013

History Of Mismanagement At Sellafield Has Residents Weary

A few months back IndustryTap wrote about the most hazardous industrial site in Western Europe: the Sellafield nuclear power plant, home to the world’s first commercial nuclear power plant, Calder Hall. Reports that the plant was so woefully mis-managed over generations dating back to the 1950’s and that cleanup would take 180 years and at least $108 billion had residents of Cumbria on the Irish Sea livid.

The Planned Expansion

Last year the Cumbrian, Walney Wind Farm opened with 102 turbines 14 km from shore. Danish energy company Dong Energy has proposed to more than double the size of the existing wind farm. The expanded windfarm would be larger than the current world leader, the London Array, in the Thames Estuary which has 175 turbines generating 630 MW.

Increasing the number of wind turbines to 310 would easily make it the largest installation in the world. The wind farm would be capable of providing power to a total of 820,000 homes. If the project is approved, the new turbines would be installed by 2018 and cover 57 mi.² (149 sq. km).

Decision Is Imminent

The decision will be made by the Communities Secretary in the matter of weeks. For more information see “San Giorgio Group Case Study: Walney Offshore Wind Farms.”

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