World’s First Commercial Spaceline One Step Closer At $200,000 Per Ticket

By: | July 10th, 2013

Space is Virgin Territory

Only 500 people have visited space but Virgin Galactic, a Richard Branson company, is about to change all that.

Like Virgin Atlantic Airways, Virgin Galactic will have a fleet of privately built spaceships based on SpaceShipOne. Virgin now has several decades of experience in aviation and cutting-edge technology to make life better for its passengers.

Virgin has teamed with Burt Rutan of Mohave Aerospace Ventures to jointly research and develop a safe and affordable spaceship capable of providing sub-orbital space tourism for what we assume is the first time in the history of the universe.

A couple of weeks ago SpaceShipTwo took off on its first powered flight which also went supersonic thus breaking two milestones. The following video shows the historic event.

To get on the waiting list for an upcoming flight visit Virgin Galactic.

Virgin Galactic Capabilities

In addition to space tourism, Virgin Galactic will offer payload opportunities for delivery to space as part of their core mission. The spaceship is being positioned as an ideal platform to allow scientists, engineers, educators and others to conduct research in space.

During payload flights seats are removed from spaceship so that payload racks can be installed and payloads tied down.

Revolutionary Launch Vehicle

Virgin Galactic has created “LauncherOne” which it believes will transform science, including climate research, by providing the capability for scientists to easily launch satellites to collect data and do experiments.

Following is an overview of LauncherOne and its expected benefits for humankind.

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