You Won’t Believe What This Guy Has Been Building in His Backyard

By: | March 18th, 2014

After watching the events of the Fukushima disaster transpire in Japan, Silicon Valley resident Chris Robinson set out to build a tsunami-proof capsule in his backyard.

Robinson has little experience in sailing, boats and construction, but over the past two years he has worked on his capsule made of plywood and epoxy.

If you were to glance in Robinson’s backyard in Palo Alto you would see a giant wooden object measuring 22 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 8.5 feet high!

Being the former art director for Facebook and Paypal, Chris Robinson had no problem designing his tsunami ball, but the tedious part of actually completing his goal of building an interesting object has almost come to fruition.

The completion date for the outer shell of the tsumaniball is scheduled for May at the moment, with Robinson looking to drop the vessel in the Pacific Ocean at that time.

If all goes well, you may be renting an overnight stay on the tsunami capsule in the very near future!

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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