Importance of Electronic Control Valves in Medical Equipment

By: | January 2nd, 2023

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The reliability and efficiency of the flow control valve prove them a perfect option for medical devices. Mostly they are used at the places where you require precision in the flow control and the pressure. They play an important role in various medical products such as ventilators, surgical devices, and in dialysis machines. Modern electronic flow control valves are designed to provide more accuracy and durability. So that you can use them in any field of life to get optimum control over the flow and the pressure. 

Here we have listed some factors to recognize the importance of flow control valves:

Reliable Performance:

Solenoid proportional flow control valves are highly used in medical devices because they are relatively reliable, simple and easy to understand. A solenoid contains a wrapped wire around the solid steel and iron. When the current flows through the coil then it becomes charged and the movable core goes toward the coil. This is the principle that can be used to make a switch or a solenoid electronic flow control valve.

The pressure that is used in medical devices is typically lower as compared to pneumatic systems. It is often 1 bar or less. But some devices may require the largest values such as the ventilators requiring 180 L/min of an air-oxygen mix at 2 bar or higher. Meanwhile, the range of pressure can vary according to the type and the operation of the medical equipment and it can be obtained with the help of an electronic airflow control valve. 

Energy Efficiency and Flow Control:

Solenoid electronic flow control valves are very beneficial in medical equipment where you have to consider the power consumption and keep the temperature low. The latest generation of flow control valves are available in a huge range of power profiles. It means you can match the digital flow control valve to the power of the portable medical device. In this way, you can choose the right option for your device that will not only provide you with greater control over pressure and heat and will also increase the battery life of your device.

Intelligent and Versatile:

The biggest benefit of using proportional flow valves in medical applications is that most of the valves have bus interfaces and support multiple protocols. Most of the manufacturers integrate microelectronics to make them more intelligent than the previous ones. Further, you can configure electronic flow control valves as serial addressable valves to support closed-loop functionality. In this way, they can provide strong control over the pressure and fluid flow to operate medical applications effectively. It also keeps the instrument in operational condition for a long time. 

Final Thoughts:

The presence of an electronic flow control valve is essential to the quality of treatment of the patient. The precise values of a flow control valve prevent problematic complications and help to provide life-supporting treatment. An electronic flow valve is most commonly used in medical equipment because it has the ability to provide precise speed and pressure to the equipment.


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