WASP Officially Presents DeltaWASP 3MT in England and in the United States

By: | September 29th, 2016

Big dimensions printing

DeltaWASP 3MT is a self-production instrument used to create big dimensions objects (one cubic meter maximum) freely and personalized. It can print furniture like chairs, tables, lamps, coat racks, and umbrella stands. Moreover, it is an ideal tool for designers and architects, technical schools, universities, and research centers. Another application is in the automotive field.

In its original version, the machine prints granular plastic. By changing the tool, DeltaWASP3MT can also print dense fluids. Furthermore, with a third tool, it can cut wooden or plastic panels. From this, the name “3MT” is derived and is an acronym that also refers to the machine dimensions. A very important innovation consists of the possibility of printing recycled materials. WASP sells the machine both in the basic model and with different functions tools.


Maker Economy

Therefore, WASP carries on in the Maker Economy line, following research work that seeks to improve human health and independence. The project starts from strong motivations and comes true in a house that frees the human being, a house that can be built without debts, using materials from the local territory, planned not only to be lived in, but also to produce energy, food, and resources.

In addition to MT3, WASP brings the results of research conducted during this year at Shamballa Technological Park, where BigDelta WASP 12 is creating the first house made of clay and straw printed in 3D. It is also where, day by day, very important information is collected. The next step will be the presentation of the Maker Economy Starter Kit, a container that includes all the needed knowledge and instruments to build a self-sufficient house. But this is the project that WASP will bring in preview at Rome Maker Faire, from 14th to 16th of October, and that soon will be presented in greater detail.


Michael Cooney

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