Toyota Mirai Sets World Record Covering Over 1,000 Km with One Fill Of Hydrogen

By: | June 1st, 2021

Image courtesy: Toyota Europe

Toyota’s hydrogen-powered Mirai set a new world record for longest drive ever on hydrogen with just one fill. The new Toyota Mirai covered a distance of 1,003 kilometers (just over 623 miles). However, the previous record of 887.5 kilometers (483 miles) was held by Hyundai’s Nexo.

The record-breaking drive started at a hydrogen station in Orly, a suburb of Paris on May 26th. Mirai was on the road for 13 hours and six minutes, averaging around 68 Km/hr (42 mph).  However, after breaking the record, Mirai was ready to roll again after a five-minute fill-up.

The Mirai was able to store 5.6 kg of green hydrogen. The average fuel consumption was 0.55 kg/100km (1.21 lbs/62 miles).

Four drivers took turns at the wheel to complete the record attempt using Mirai’s “eco-driving” style. But, all the driving was done without using any special technique that could not be used by any regular driver.

The new Mirai is the second-generation fuel cell electric vehicle offering better performance, sleeker and more dynamic design, and new driving dynamics compared to the first-generation product.

This drive was aimed to demonstrate the possibilities of long-distance driving with zero emissions especially when electric batteries are being considered a superior technology for clean and long-distance driving.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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