Top 5 Benefits of Using Project Management Software

By: | July 24th, 2020

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Project management software has become an essential tool for modern businesses that want to operate more efficiently and improve productivity.

Unless you have actually experienced the benefits of the most popular project management platforms first hand, you might be reluctant to take the plunge. To address this, here are just five undeniable advantages that this software can provide ambitious organizations.

1. Impactful prioritization

One of the key elements of planning a project successfully is working out which tasks need to be focused on as a priority, and how these should be factored into your schedule so that achievable deadlines can be set.

With a platform like Wrike, this becomes a breeze. You can pinpoint priorities from day one and make sure that there are clear deliverables established at the start, which allows for consistency throughout the process and also makes life easier for project managers. As this is a competitive market, there are at least #13 alternatives to Wrike that are worth weighing up before you commit to a particular package.

2. Enhanced delegation capabilities

It is not enough for project managers to simply delegate tasks that need to be completed and sit back. They need to choose the right team members to tackle these jobs and ensure they are available and knowledgeable.

Orchestrating all of this is a bit of a minefield, but with a business performance management system, it becomes far less taxing. It allows displaying the strategy to everyone in the organization, so employees see how their roles contribute toward big-picture goals. This helps build ownership and accountability for each team member. Additionally, it allows tracking performance at every level.

Team members are alerted about any changes, and all communication is saved with the performance data so it can be displayed on dashboards and reports in the future.

3. Cloud storage for sharing files

Mainstream project management platforms invariably offer users the advantage of cloud-based storage for files. This means that all of the data that is at the heart of a particular project will be housed in one place, making sure that every relevant team member can get to it when they need to.

Another benefit of cloud storage is that modern services let you see an in-depth history of the changes that have been made to files over time. This makes it easy to roll back to earlier iterations and identify which team members are responsible for specific alterations. With all of this functionality on offer, it is no surprise that cloud computing is responsible for influencing $1 trillion in IT spending.

5. Effective remote working potential

Project management software is all about enabling collaboration on projects no matter where team members are based, and so if you want to enable remote working then this is the kind of platform that can make the transition that much easier.

This is not just about meeting employee expectations in the modern workplace; allowing employees to work on projects remotely can actually improve effectiveness, which is an obvious benefit for the organization as a whole.

6. Battling bottlenecks

The chances are that if you are responsible for managing projects within your organization, you will not just be dealing with one at a time, but will often have several on your plate simultaneously.

If you are unable to see the big picture with regards to how each project in your care is progressing, you could encounter bottlenecks further down the line when all of your resources are overcommitted. Project management software lets you sidestep this by giving you a snapshot of the state of play in real time, so that you can keep all of those plates spinning without letting one smash.


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