The Future is Literally in Your Face, Google Glass

By: | April 10th, 2013

If you were wondering what they would come up with next…this is it

Attempting to describe what the Google Glass is in one sentence, or with a catchy new device name, is quickly discovered to be impossible.

An attempt would come out something like this: glasses without lenses but a single heads-up display and a built-in computer with wireless capability, as well as a 720p camera with a microphone; used to augment one’s reality and record or enhance events around one’s self.

Ungainly and difficult to sum up, yes? It is better served by a list of its functions, and thereby more thoroughly and accurately understood.

The Google Glass is incredibly strong and light – lighter than a pair of standard sunglasses – and is said by Google themselves to be used to do the following:

  • Take pictures
  • Record video
  • Share what you are seeing and/or recording live
  • Bring up directions in your display
  • Record audio and send recorded messages
  • Ask questions and see the answer in your heads-up display
  • Translate upon request
  • Answers some questions without having to ask

It will be available sometime near the end of 2013 in a number of colors, and it is said that it will cost about the same as a modern smartphone. It is the newest in AR technology, or augmented reality, and just how it will be received by the mass market remains to be seen.

Jeremy Helms

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