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By: | October 30th, 2023

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Are you a professor who asked your students to write the essay on their own but they still used AI tools? Are you a digital marketer who asked the content writers to write on his own but you feel they cheated? 

Well, creating content using AI is easy and effective but it badly impacts the learning of humans. Thus, to help individuals detect whether content is human-generated or AI-generated, software engineers have developed specialized tools known as AI content detectors that help users in detecting whether content is human-written or AI written. 

In this guide, we are going to introduce a professional and efficient content detector that will inform you in a couple of seconds whether the content is AI-written or not. is a specialized AI content detector that provides accurate results in detecting AI content. We will dig deeper into this tool and discuss its working, features, and details and at the end, provide you a review. 

So stay with us and learn all about

How does Work?

AI tools generate content using vivid language models generated by the linguist. The AI content detector has the same language models. It analyses the text using these language models and provides the probability of whether the content is human-generated or AI-generated. The distinction between AI and human text is that humans don’t follow any specific language models while AI strictly abides by the rules of language models. This distinction allows the content detecting tool to effectively detect the AI content. 

What are the Features of

Text Analysis:

It is an AI technology-based content detector. It uses language models to analyze the text. If the text uses more words and phrases which are used in the language model and also follows a specific structure, it is most likely to be generated by an AI tool. 

This content detector deconstructs the data and analyzes its formation and assembly to determine its origin, either AI or Human written. 

Content Flagging:

The language model used in this AI content detector is NLP which allows any AI tool to use human natural language effectively. The words and their placement are analyzed by the content detector, if the usage is similar to the model then the content is flagged as AI-generated otherwise it is considered human-generated. 


The tool provides accuracy in content detection. The tool provides detailed and accurate results about content detection. It clearly tells if a tool is AI generated, human-generated, or partly human and AI generated. 

Bypass AI: 

Another important feature of this tool is AI bypassing. After the results of AI content detection are provided, you can use bypass AI to change the content to human content which can easily bypass any AI content detector. 


The tool works at lightning speed and provides results in just a couple of seconds. Thus, it saves time which is a priority of the users. 

Free and Online: 

There are many paid AI content detectors available on the internet but why would you spend money when you get accurate and swift results for free? This tool is available online for free. Thus it is a convenient content detector for all. 

How to Use

Now that you are familiar with the features of the content detector, it is time to learn how to use it for content detection and also for bypassing AI content. Read the step-by-step guide provided below:

  1. Open the tool i.e.
  1. Copy the text you want to check for AI content and paste it in the dialogue box. 
  1. Verify that you are not the robot by doing a recaptcha and then detect content by clicking the “Detect GTPZero” button.
  1. The results will be shown below in a few seconds. The text highlighted in red is AI-generated and the one highlighted in blue is human-generated. 
  1. The results will also be written in the form of comments, look at the picture below.
  1. To eliminate AI content, move your mouse to the sentence and click the “AI bypass” option. 
  1. The sentences will be paraphrased and changed to human content which will not be detected as AI generated. 
  1. After bypassing the content, copy it and save it in a Word file or Google Docs as you like. 

These simple steps will not only help you detect AI content but also help you change it to human content. You can use it before turning your paper to your boss, teacher, or publisher to ensure it is impeccable. 

What are the Benefits of

AI content detector is used to detect AI content to ensure integrity and honesty in content. The following are the benefits of AI content detector:

  1. It is used to detect AI content in assignments submitted by the students. The students should not neglect the fact that writing skills are as important as speaking skills thus, they must be held accountable for using AI content. 
  2. It is used to detect AI content in papers, articles, and blogs. Writers and bloggers should always double-check their content before turning it in because AI content detection can affect their credibility and reliability. 
  3. The tool offers an AI content bypasser as well which can be used to change the sentences AI sentences. This option is good for students and writers whose content is partially AI generated so, they can use it to bypass the AI content.

Even though AI tools are developed to make our lives easier, we must not ignore the importance of learning writing skills. AI tools are made for our assistance, complete reliance on these tools will make humankind lazy. 

Thus, tools like AI content detectors are crucial in this AI age so that humans can work and not depend too much on AI. 


After doing an in-depth analysis of, its working, features, and benefits, it is not wrong to say that it is a very useful tool in the age full of AI tools. It is used to make humans learn writing skills on their own rather than depending on AI writers. 

AI tools are not developed to make humans lazy, they are developed for our assistance and to make our work easier, not to do it. 


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