The Best Innovations in Truck Safety

By: | May 26th, 2021

Image by Richard Mcall from Pixabay

Large trucks account for 10% of vehicles involved in fatal accidents, but they only make up 4% of all registered vehicles. Their size also means that when involved in a collision, most of the resultant injuries involve the occupants of the other vehicle.

While we may never be able to prevent all truck accidents from occurring, some of the best innovations in truck safety may be able to make a difference, such as these below.

Electronic Stability Control

Many truck accident law firm attorneys like to determine what safety controls truck drivers had in place when an accident happened. One of the most popular ones in recent years has been electronic stability control.

This technology has already been used in cars for several years, but is slowly becoming commonplace in semi-trucks and other large vehicles. These devices use computer systems to control braking and steering that may be able to reduce rollovers. Their efficacy is so good that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is working towards making them mandatory.

Dual Facing Cameras

If you have been involved in a truck accident, your chosen truck injury lawyer may ask whether you have dual-facing cameras. This innovative technology consists of cameras to record the truck’s cab and the traffic.

Working simultaneously, they provide real-time traffic views while also monitoring truck driver behavior. These cameras may be able to improve driver conduct which may make the roads safer.

Eyelid Monitoring Systems

Even though self-driving trucks are set to change how freight reaches its destination, there will likely always be a need for drivers. However, with long journeys, fatigue can put road users at risk. Eyelid monitoring systems may help truck drivers learn the importance of pulling over when they’re tired.

These are installed in the cabin and monitor the driver’s eyelids. If they droop or the driver is blinking too fast, the system provides a warning.

Forward Collision Avoidance

Sensor-based technology is becoming commonplace in new vehicles manufactured today, but some are also being installed in trucks. Forward collision avoidance systems may be able to lessen the impact of a crash or help a truck driver to avoid one in the first place.

They work with sensors and radar to tell drivers if they are at risk of colliding with a vehicle in front of them. If the truck driver can’t act in time, the system triggers the brakes to potentially reduce the impact.

Continuous Remote Monitoring

Truck driving company owners can’t be on the road with every truck driver in their fleet to make sure they are driving safely. However, new technology means they don’t have to be. If they install sensors that provide a data feed, they can pick up any potentially dangerous behaviors and quickly rectify them.

The sensor technology picks up dangerous actions, like drifting across lanes and swerving. Real-time monitoring is available, and you can also review footage at a later date to see what caused the truck driver to make aggressive or dangerous maneuvers on the road.

With alarming truck accident statistics in the United States, new technology is a welcome addition. Any of these innovative systems above may be able to prevent a truck accident or at least reduce its impact on the truck driver and other road users.


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