Finally, The Cure For Baldness Is On The Way With Lab-Grown Hair Cells!

By: | January 28th, 2022

Image Credit: Pixabay

Half of the men in the world experience hair loss by the time they reach 50 years of age. So, there is an ever-increasing demand for successful hair regrowth treatments.

Scientists all over the world have been continuously working on creating treatments that could be used to cure baldness.

Soon, being bald could be a style choice and not a natural process of aging

DNovo, a Silicon Valley biotech start-up has found a novel way to use genetic engineering to combat this age-old problem. DNovo was founded by a Stanford University-trained biologist – Ernesto Lujan.

This news is especially encouraging during the coronavirus pandemic that has resulted in hair loss and emotional stress. The dNovo approach is to convert any cell into a hair stem cell by modifying the patterns of genes active in it.

The company utilizes a few drops of blood to make personalized hair stem cells that are then used to grow new hair. Most importantly, these cells can evade any immune system response that can reject them.

This procedure has been successfully tested on mice, but it will be years before this gene technology is available for humans.

“We are currently in the preclinical stage of development,” founder Ernesto Lujan told Fortune. “We have shown the results in laboratory mice and are very excited with those.”

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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