Tasers on Drones to Help Stop Mass Shootings

By: | June 10th, 2022

Image courtesy: Axon

Sadly, mass shootings have become a common occurrence in the US. There were 693 mass shootings in the US last year. This year, the US has surpassed 200 mass shootings so far.

An Arizona-based Defense tech company Axon which manufactures the Tasers plans to produce stun gun-armed drones to stop school shooting incidents quickly and safely.

Very few details on the project are available so far, other than the fact that this remotely controlled quadcopter will be equipped with one of the company’s drone-specific Axon Air video cameras and a miniaturized taser for use in drones.

The taser drone will be part of a larger system that will also include a network of security cameras to share real-time sensor access with local public safety agencies.

Axon’s Artificial Intelligence ethics advisory board has rejected this dangerous AI weapon. Although Axon has dropped the proposal to put armed drones in schools after mass rejection from the ethics board, it still shared the project with the public.

A New York University law professor Barry Friedman who sits on the Axon AI Ethics Board called the idea “dangerous and fantastical.”  He said “This particular idea is crackpot; drones can’t fly through closed doors. The physical properties of the universe still hold. So, unless you have a drone in every single classroom in America, which seems insane, the idea just isn’t going to work.”

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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